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Constellation Group is a new hub for educational businesses and the education community, giving schools/universities, students, families and businesses a single point of contact for a full range of education-related services in the UK and overseas.

Our team of specialist, professional, trusted experts, led by CEO and Founder John Milne, offers a broad spectrum of consultancy and services, available singly or as a package, helping our clients achieve education goals and realise focused projects.

Work is already well under way to establish Constellation Group as the portal for educational opportunities, enabling the delivery of world-class educational solutions.

Our experienced and established network means we already have the capacity to deliver projects nationally and internationally, providing the highest quality services, advice and guidance to students, families, educators and businesses. Our strategic partnership with is just one early example of this.

We see ourselves as an educational ecosystem, founded on quality and expertise.

Our services

Whilst the scope of the business will evolve over time, our initial focus will be:

  • Overseas students - creating pathways to independent schools and universities for overseas students
  • Guardianship/Concierge services for international students being schooled in the UK, in order to make them feel more comfortable and allow them to settle and succeed
  • Consultancy to education providers/investors to enable the creation and maintenance of new overseas educational projects
  • A range of consultancy services to UK education businesses and investors in order to grow and promote new commercial opportunities
  • Creation of a network of UK Educators to include certification of educational consultants and recruitment opportunities

Our full range of services will appear on the main website upon launch, but the culture of the group involves dedication to the development of solutions to real needs, not limiting ourselves to a series of fixed products.

Our team

Our small and highly experienced team is led by John Milne, whose impressive credentials include a 13-year career as Headmaster and then Director of External Relations at Clifton College, and 8 years as Head of prestigious British and International schools in Manila, The Philippines.

The core Constellation team is based at our head office in Bristol. Our newly appointed Operations Lead, Jimmy Beale, himself a former Headmaster with many years of experience in senior management roles in both Senior and Prep Schools, will manage our global network of expert associates and partners, all of whom we have worked with closely for many years. We commit ourselves to handpicking the best partner on a project by project basis.

Steph Revelle, a qualified barrister with years of working experience in education supporting pupils and families from all walks of life (locally and globally) will be heading up our pastoral care programme as Client Relationship Lead.

Douglas Cheung is our Commercial Lead responsible for growing the business by getting the best value services for students, families and education partners and robust financial management of projects. A seasoned healthcare managing director and global sales and marketing director in Asia, Europe and Latin America, he passionately believes that a good British education can help students to achieve their full potential and success.

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