About Us

Who are we?

From Founders to Directors, Consultants to Coaches, all those associated with Constellation Group work with a shared ethos; our business runs on common understanding – that we will provide meaningful, impactful and quality personalised services. As a group of experienced former leaders in schools and businesses, we know that you need to work alongside professionals focused upon developing quality relationships. From there we promise to delve into the detail and deliver the best for you.

Come and talk to us and let us find out more about you, your hopes and objectives. Why not come meet us and find out why we are so passionate about all that we do?

Or simply dive into the website. We hope you like what you see.

Our People

Constellation Group is run by a team of experts, all of whom share common values. We are experienced. We deal with the real-world and we are committed to education. We are likeable people and we like people. We want the best for children, for their parents and for businesses involved in education, whether in a school, a university, homeschool or associated services, such as summer camps, tutoring or coaching environments.

When dealing with the Constellation Group team, or with our consultants and affiliated partners, you will always benefit from dealing with professionals who care, work hard and deliver on your behalf.

Benefit from our experience

Whether you come into contact with our Group’s former independent school Headmasters, school inspectors and inspection framework advisors, school Governors, school search and placement consultants, academic and pastoral team trainers, coaches, mentors or recruitment experts, you will always be working alongside the best.

Constellation Group is committed to offering you:


    Attention to detail

    Forward thinking and workable personalised solutions

    Passion about education

    Commercial acumen

    Our Team

    Our Consultants