Coaching and Mentoring

For any students whose move into, and through, life at university causes stresses, strains and pressure, Constellation Group is well-positioned to offer the necessary level of support, care and guidance.

With a recent focus on issues of student well-being in both the national and local media, we aim to offer supportive words and actions as students make their own personal adjustments to their new lives. Leaving home is a stressful time for any young person, and especially for young people from overseas, who have to cope with shifting to university life in a new country and environment.

All Constellation Group’s mentors have undergone coaching and mental first health aid training with qualified and professional trainers. Mentors will listen to the experiences and issues which may be troubling each student and work with them to support them as they overcome any challenges and difficulties. As qualified mental health first aiders, Mentors are equipped with the necessary skills to detect signs and symptoms affecting well-being, and, importantly, will direct their mentees to further appropriate professional assistance if it is required.


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