Pastoral Packages

Through our pastoral package, we will welcome students to their new home, Bristol. We offer a full range of services, all of which are carefully designed to allow you to make the right steps towards study success.

  • Safe, Secure and Comfortable – we will transport you and your belongings to your new accommodation and home, whether you are staying in university halls or private accommodation
  • Mentoring – our trained and caring Pastoral Team, all of whom live in Bristol, will support you as to learn where to shop, where to eat and will help you navigate a path as you register with doctors, opticians, dentists, banks and the local police. Our aim is to keep you safe and to help you settle.
  • Coaching – our team of coaches, accredited professionals based in Bristol, are specifically trained to deal with the issues and challenges that you might face as you transition to life as a student in a new environment.

 Many of our Mentors and Coaches are native Mandarin Chinese speaking university graduates who understand only too well the challenges of studying overseas at an English university.

You are welcome to buy into services as a package, or to tailor make your own programmes depending upon need and budget.

Arrival Package

The team at Constellation Group will ensure that your arrival in Bristol is a smooth one; from meeting you at the airport to transporting you to your  student accommodation, our team of drivers will ensure that your needs are met. You will soon be introduced to your own mentor, who will guide you through your first steps in your new home city and will help you to settle into life, allowing you to focus more quickly upon your all-important studies.

Survival Package

Our Survival Package is there to support you as you then get to grips with your new academic life in Bristol. We can offer you support with English conversation, academic tutoring, proof reading, presentation and skills coaching, well-being support, accommodation search and advice, internship, networking and work experience, leisure activities and travel opportunities. You can use us to help yourself to go further.


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