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Constellation Group offers advice and a full range of support and placement services for young adults as they move towards and into higher education.

Our lead specialist university placement consultant is an experienced college and university guidance counsellor with expertise in a wide range of international university admissions systems; he has worked in the UK and internationally supporting students in university applications to the United States, UK, Canada and Europe, totally 27 different systems.

He holds memberships of the International Association for College Admissions Counselling and the Council of British International Schools, serves on a committee for the Council of International Schools (as one of 15 independent university advisors on their global list of recommended advisors), and is the only member of the US Independent Educational Consultants Association based in England.

Our consultants have expertise in advising students in British, IB and American-patterned schools and are well versed in guiding students through the subject choice process from Grade 10 / Year 11 onwards.

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